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Métalbec Ltée was founded in 1970 in Valcourt by a young dynamic contractor, Jean-Guy Robichaud. Already at that time, Valcourt had become a major industrial center, thanks to the genius of an inventor of world stature J. Armand Bombardier.

Since its foundation, Métalbec Ltée did not cease to expand and to extend its expertise in plumbing, heating, tinplate industry, air-conditioning and refrigeration in the large centers of Quebec, mainly on Montréal south shore and in the metropolitan area. Faithful to its dynamism and always eager to serve its many customers, Métalbec Ltée has created a new division which will be known under the trademarks Plombair and Plombair Estrie. This new division, quite representative of a new generation of young contractors, will be directed by Jean-François Robichaud, son of the founder, which will however continue to work actively within the company.

The new name is representative of the activity in which the Métalbec group works actively since nearly four decades, plumbing and treatment of the air. The avant-gardist logo represents the wheel moving. The new name from now on will be used as well for the commercial language as for the business.

This new division, directed by Jean-François Robichaud, will be increasingly active in the fields of plumbing, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumps, geothermics and natural gas. Jean-François wants to give to the company a major exposure through all Quebec, following the way traced by his founder.

Métalbec and its divisions are members in rule of La corporation de maitres mecaniciens en tuyauterie du Quebec (C.M.M.T.Q.), of La Regie du Batiment du Quebec under the number: 1216-4034-77, of L'association provinciale des constructeurs d'habitations du Quebec inc and a Metropolitan Gas certified partner.

Our engagement towards our customers:
The quality of our products and our service.

Our slogan:
Métalbec, a company you can count on.

We wish ardently that the development of our relations will be favorable, and we remain sincerely yours


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